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[Spyworld Actu] - Renseignement, Défense, Technologie, Terrorisme, Intelligence économique

Revue de presse dans le domaine du renseignement, de la défense, des technologies, du terrorisme et de l'intelligence économique
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What’s Your Intelligence Type? - Lifehack.org

About twenty-five years ago, Dr. Howard Gardner came up with a new theory about intelligence. He proposed that people were much more complex than what could
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What Every Parent Must Know about Visual-Spatial Intelligence

One of the activities related to your children’s visual-spatial intelligence is drawing. Yet, never think that those kids having such intelligence can draw just like adults do. Stimulation from their...
Test de QI Savoir et intelligence
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Visual/Spatial Intelligence

spati multiple intelligence information.
Test de QI Intelligence psychologique
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Visual Thinking

Describes the experience of the visual spatial learner or thinker, and their unique needs.
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Visual Spatial intelligence learning from Inspiring Breakthrough

Visual Spatial Intelligence. Some people are gifted with the ability to visualise the world with great accuracy. They are able to think in three-dimensional terms and can re-create an idea into a working visual model that they are also able to adapt and modify such a model prior to any physical construction. Such individuals have an amazing ability to create a mental map of a new territory providing a strong sense of spatial awareness for where they are positioned in relation to the world around them.
Test de QI Raison et intelligence
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TITI-ONE 75 - Actualites Spatiale - Etats-Unis Espace 71

L'Univers, l'Espace & Actualites. L'Univers, ses composants, son environnement, les observations (revues, observatoires, etc.). L'Espace (CCCP), l'exploration par l'homme, les engins d'explorations, ainsi que les êtres envoyés dans l'espace, depuis Laîka Bielka Strelka Pcholka Mouchka Yuri et Valentina. Les actualites spatiale, Et bien d'autres choses ... A voir ...
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Tierra-Ayni ... Distribución de Conocimiento

Proyecto Tierra-Ayni, Servicios en consultoría, implementación de sistemas y desarrollo de software
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The Old New Thing : Games give you hand-eye coordination and spatial intelligence together with map-reading skills

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